Wednesday, June 23, 2010


By: Paul Gemignani

So recently I made my way from Colorado to meet up with my good friend Moss Halladay in California before I head to Mt. Hood, Oregon for the summer. We met up in Mission Viejo with my other friend Ian and kicked it for a few weeks on the Cali coast. It was nice to see the open water again, which I don't get in Colorado. The ocean is so awesome, I wish I lived closer to it. Got the chance to surf for a few days in Malibu with buddy Trevor Jacobs. The beach break was gnarly and was breaking at 6 or 7 feet at times and both Moss and I got broke off by waves. After chilling in Cali, Moss and I made our way up the 101 coast to Oregon. Making a few stops along the way in San Francisco to check out The North Face world headquarters, where we checked out what they got brewing in there cubicles. After that, we made our way into Oregon camping along the make sure to check back in a couple weeks to see where the hell we end up next...