Monday, June 27, 2011

Video Marathon - Week 4 - HeadCAM

By: Paul Gemignani

This weeks installment of a video clip is straight from the backcountry via a headcam. Thanks to small cameras these days such as GoPros and the sort, it is very easy to get tons of POV action when you are out in the backcountry filming all day. This clip is specifically after a jump session and is the run down on our way out. It's pretty short run and not very steep, but shows how deep it was that day and the light Colorado pow!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Video Marathon - Week 3 Clip 3 - uncut AK!

By: Paul Gemignani

This weeks video is going back 2 years when some friends and I went up to ALASKA to see what it was all about. One thing people should know about Alaska is that you cannot snowboard there unless it is sunny, bluebird out. Why? Because in Alaska there are NO trees or anything of that sort, to help your eyes see the contrast of the mountain, which you need in shitty light conditions. This means you could be shredding a face and not see that the next convex roll is actually a 1000 foot drop to your death or a deep crevasse. Anyways, this simply means AK is only rideable on blue bird days, which usually only happens once or twice every couple of weeks, so you better be ready to get the goods once the sun peaks out from behind the doom and gloom.

This day was no exception. It started off a foggy morning, but by 7 A.M. the sun came out and we were on it. This is a warm up run after a little hike out in Valdez. Good pow can be found in the north facing aspects, but one must be careful of avalanches. If you ever get the chance though, AK is where it's at. It'll scare the SHIT out of you. Peace.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Video Marathon - Week 2 Clip 2 - UnCut

By: Paul Gemignani

This clip was taken a couple years ago out in Utah on a little hike I did with my buddy Joel. We were just goofing around with some pow shots in the trees and it's always funny when other stuff starts going off while you are trying to get some footy. Anyways, Joel was solid on not taking the call and getting the pow shot. As they say - the show must go on!

See you next week!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Video Marathon - Week 1 Clip 1

By: Paul Gemignani

Pretty basic video clip to start out with. Just a little popper off a cliff in the Colorado backcountry from about 4 years ago...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Video Clip Marathon

By: Paul Gemignani

So now that it's summer time and the snow has melted in most regions of the globe, I thought it would be cool to show some old snowboard clips from years past that nobody has seen but myself and a handful of friends. Some will be edited and filmed well, while others will be raw and uncut so you can see first hand some of the random things that happen while out in the snow - like waiting for the camera to be ready to film or the background commentary after a trick was landed. So over the next 3 months I will be dropping a short video clip every Monday of each new week for your viewing pleasure. If people like what they see, I might just continue it into the fall. For right now though, sit back and enjoy the summer sun, while making sure to kick start your Mondays with a random video clip right here on me blog. Peace!