Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Michigan in the Mags!

By: Paul Gemignani

So recently Frequency Magazine - The Snowboarders Journal just dropped the new 8.3 issue and they ended up running a story we worked on last time I was home riding in the U.P. of Michigan where I grew up. Pretty stoked on the piece and how it came out. Big ups to my boy Mike R. Thomas for help with the writing and Terry "Ratt" Ratzlaff for shooting photos and everyone involved. So if you want to know more about what Michigan is kind of like for shredding, pick up an issue at your local magazine shop and get out their and make some shred turns. Word!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New York Baby!

By: Paul Gemignani

So recently I took advantage of some miles I had saved up on my Delta card, and took a trip to New York City with my good friend Mike. I personally have never been on the East Coast even though I grew up in the Midwest, so I found this as the perfect excuse to visit the Big Apple. When I first arrived I was a bit overwhelmed as this city trumps the rest of the city's I've been too in the U.S., so it took me a second to re-calibrate myself from the vast open-ness of the West. After awhile though, it's actually quite easily to settle in and find a routine and dial something in. The city itself is very colorful and full of life, culture and art. My main reason for the trip was actually to eat food and I did just that. From amazing pizza's at Joe's, to some of the best seafood pasta of my life at the newly opened - Eataly; so good. The list goes on though, bacon wrapped hot dogs, with onions, cheddar cheese and cream cheese, to artichoke and clam pizza; sushi, wings, chinese food and the was an endless array of mouth watering food that is making me hungry while I write this. One would think I would have gained about 20 pounds on this trip, but due to that fact that New York is a walk about city, we ended up walking about 5-7 miles a day, so that kept the calories burning from the last meal. Besides eating amazing food though, we also went to some amazing art exhibits and I got to see a huge spectrum of original art work from Salvador Dali, Picasso, Pollock, Van Gogh, Rodin and so on - truly amazing; I have definitely found a new appreciation for these artists of the past. All in all, it was an amazing trip to the huge city, and I will definitely be going back at some point, and hope everyone gets to visit this city at least once in their lives. Just make sure to have a good guide, as it can be somewhat confusing for a new comer, or someone that hasn't spent much time in big cities. Cheers and buon appetite!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Heroin Diaries

By: Paul Gemignani

Have you ever wondered what it's like living the life of a rock star? Have you ever laughed at those celebrity rehab shows and wonder how these people could be addicted to such stupid shit when they have the world in the palm of their hands? Well if these thoughts did cross your mind at one point or another, I suggest picking up and reading - The Heroin Diaries. When I got my hands on a copy I couldn't put the book down once I got rolling.

It depicts a year in the life of legendary rocker Nikki Sixx and his band Motley Crue. It was a time when Sixx was extremely addicted to Heroin and every other drug for that matter (drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel's per day was normal), and re-accounts the horrific tales and debauchery and struggle with addictions. It was like reading the diary of an insane person, and to think that Sixx is alive today is a crazy concept to wrap your mind around. Lots of good extras too, including crazy fucked up art work, old classic party photos and lost lyrics. If you want an unfiltered autobiography of one of the biggest rock and roll bands ever, then The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx will take your hand down to the darkest depths of hell and have you watch in awe as this lunatic torches himself for years with drugs, sex and rock. Check it out, and get addicted.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting Old

By: Paul Gemignani

So I recently did another interview on about age and the snowboard industry. If you ever wondered why you never see old guys in the snowboard world I try to shed a little light on the situation. Plus if you want to hear me say the word "like" about a million times, watch the interview to confirm that I am my own pet peeve. Slow, wide turns brother. Check out the interview here: Old people keep talking and talking... Cheers!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Graffiti - Today's Urban Art

By: Paul Gemignani

So the other day I went for a typical morning skate session at the local skate park in town, and while I was there I noticed that there where fresh new paint marks around the skate park and in the bowls. After a bit of thought, It occurred to me that they were covering up old graffiti marks that used to adorn the pool walls.

What once was colorful works of art and a form of expression was now a pale gray, lifeless and boring. This concerns me. If not just from a skate boarders stand point but also from an artists standpoint. Graffiti and skateboarding I consider very similar, in that they are both forms of expression and ways for people to circumvent the conventional, but seeing this mainstream influence on two things I enjoy really bummed me out.

I know most people associate graffiti with gangs or whatever, but it started as a raw form of creating something new, just like skateboarding. And now, people are trying to delegate and control two things that should not become mainstream or bled dry.

I personally think, the town should embrace the graffiti and encourage creative, colorful works of art instead of repress it and maybe inspire some people. This might give the skatepark a much more personal feel, rather than just a place to skate.

Check out this article if your interested in this topic more.
County Accepts Graffiti

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Interview on

By: Paul Gemignani

Hey everyone, just wanted to share with you a little interview I did on Buoloco the other week. I talk a little bit about the new YES. Snowboards, Nike snowboard boots, and my binding set-up. If you have ever read any interviews on Rodney Mullen the skateboard, he talks about how back around 2007 he started skating switch on his skateboard to get rid of any "preferred stance" and I thought that was a cool idea, so I have been working on that the last winter season, getting rid of my preferred stance which is "goofy" and will be continuing riding switch on a lot of my back country riding and steep lines. Not sure how it will work out, but it's a new challenge, which I am always down for. You only live once! Fuck it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New YES. Snowboard Website Live!

By: Paul Gemignani

Hey everyone, Yes. Snowboards just updated their website for the winter season. It's looking pretty tight. I will be riding for the company for the 10/11 season, and will be part of the extended familia. So watch out for this company to turn some heads again this winter and check out some of the boys in Absinthe new film - NowHere.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Book Review - Love Thy Neighbor

By: Paul Gemignani

This book will put life in perspective. Recalling the tales of the Bosnia war, which was only in the 90's. It depicts the struggles between international politicians, the U.N., reporters in the field, and the genocide that the world let happen, not so long ago...I am surprised schools don't teach about this war in school. It is gruesomely similar to the horrible events that happened during WWII. A really powerful piece of literature...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paul Gemignani & Friends Summer Living

By: Paul Gemignani

My summer on the West Coast this year was one for the books. Lots of sun, sand, beer and babes. Not to mention lots of driving around in the black car of death, topping out at 5,000 miles in about 2 months. I am fully ready to take it easy this fall now until the first snow fall. Looking forward to not driving all over, and maybe putting down the car keys and pick up a good book. If anyone has some good book ideas, please suggest them below. Otherwise, cheers - to another summer with friends!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paul Joins Shreddy Times

By: Paul Gemignani

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say I will be partnering up with the crew over at Shreddy Times this winter, based out of Lake Tahoe California. So you will be seeing some video footage and photos coming out of that area of me this winter. It is going to be a nice switch up from Colorado, and I am stoked to be working with the Toumarkine brothers this winter...stay tuned as the season gets closer and make sure to check out SHREDDY TIMES for all your snowboarding needs!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


By: Paul Gemignani

So recently I made my way from Colorado to meet up with my good friend Moss Halladay in California before I head to Mt. Hood, Oregon for the summer. We met up in Mission Viejo with my other friend Ian and kicked it for a few weeks on the Cali coast. It was nice to see the open water again, which I don't get in Colorado. The ocean is so awesome, I wish I lived closer to it. Got the chance to surf for a few days in Malibu with buddy Trevor Jacobs. The beach break was gnarly and was breaking at 6 or 7 feet at times and both Moss and I got broke off by waves. After chilling in Cali, Moss and I made our way up the 101 coast to Oregon. Making a few stops along the way in San Francisco to check out The North Face world headquarters, where we checked out what they got brewing in there cubicles. After that, we made our way into Oregon camping along the make sure to check back in a couple weeks to see where the hell we end up next...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Alaska Mini Vid

By: Paul Gemignani

So here is some footage put together from the trip to Alaska. My two good friends Moss and Ian traveled to Alaska with me for an event called Tailgate Alaska. Friends, beer, snowmobiles, avalanches, glaciers, eagles, snow, more beer and of course the most insane riding you will ever get to be a part of, ensued for what was an amazingly good time. Enjoy.

Monday, April 12, 2010


By: Paul Gemigani

So after spending two weeks in Alaska, I made it back to Colorado alive! It was a wild ride and the photos don't do the trip justice, but I hope you enjoy some of the images. If you ever get a chance to go to Alaska, you won't regret it. The place is gnarly and death awaits around every corner, but that's what makes it fun. Look for a video of the trip to Alaska in the next post. Word up.