Thursday, August 18, 2011

Head Cam UnCut

By: Paul Gemignani

Here is a clip from my headcam of what it is like waiting around for cameras getting ready, strapping in and then going off the feature - enjoy! One more clip to come in the video marathon and that should wrap this up. I hope everyone is enjoying the vids so far! Peace.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Video Marathon - Uncut

By: Paul Gemignani

This video clip is from Colorado backcountry and was my first real day back from having elbow surgery that winter...the run in was super long and mellow and the jump was an hour hike in via snow shoes. The shot of the video was done using an extra snowboard and posting a tripod on it so we could get that dolle video shot feel with depth and motion to give the clip a bit more of a dynamic feel. Backside 180's are fun. If you notice the pants im wearing too, they are a bit tighter than usual because I hemmed them. I went through a hemming pants faze for a couple months that winter. Thank god I got out of it. It looks so cheesy. Anyways, snowboarding is fun and I am stoked to shred this upcoming winter...more clips to come! Enjoy.