Thursday, January 28, 2010


By: Paul Gemignani

I was bored today and thought I would post a video of my crazy friend Dave. This video is from a local rail jam in Michigan called the Jibba Jabba. It's good fun. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do Work

By: Paul Gemignani

So recently I had to go back home to have surgery on my elbow. Basically I broke the end of my elbow off and had to get a plate and nine screws to attach it back on - not that cool. But it's my first broken bone ever and I have to say that's not too bad for over a decade worth of snowboarding under my feet...many people are not so lucky. But regardless of injury I believe the show must go on. I think there are two ways people can treat injuries. Good or bad. I've decided that I am going to treat this as a good injury and learn from my mistakes. Some people say all things happen for reasons, and I think that's true. The universe has a unique way of unfolding, we as people need to learn how to recognize this and go with the flow instead of fighting it sometimes, otherwise it will come back to fuck us. Anyways just a thought. Even though I'm still laid up, I gotta keep the ball rolling and do work. Stay posi.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another 1 bites the DUST

By: Paul Gemignani

Finally, a New Year. I never thought I would see it because it just seemed like 2009 would never end, slowly digging its claws in the ground until the very end. I coined it as my "injury year"for good reason. It started with a broken rib in Canada, torn MCL in Wyoming, dislocated shoulder after overshooting a dumb backcountry jump, and finally an elbow injury in my backyard of Colorado, during the first day of a photo shoot; what a great way to cap the year i must say. After the elbow injury I decided to take a break and fly back home for the holidays and one day I got in a discussion about all my injuries with some friends and how it was the roughest year I've had in a while, and they started going off about how odd years are always like that and how they we're surprised I didn't realize there was this big suspicion about odd years and even years. Apparently odd years suck and even years are good. So if this is happens to be general theory, I hope it's fucking right, because I could use an injury free year with my snowboarding. Either that or winning the lotto would be nice.